Tutankhamun London – Virtual Tour

As the exhibition remains closed until further notice we have created a short taster video tour which includes a selection of our favourite artefacts, that you can take from home!
We know it’s not the same as seeing them in real life, but we hope you enjoy, and stay tuned as, over the next few days we’ll explore the artefacts included in detail.
You can also find the artefacts here: https://tutankhamun-london.com/see-do/


A message to our freelancers and suppliers in light of the Covid 19 pandemic….

It goes without saying that the recent Covid 19 pandemic has brought severe and devastating disruption to the entertainment industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our freelancers and suppliers on a couple of points:

  • We have always managed our cashflow very carefully, and pride ourselves on never paying late.

    This won’t change.

    We can 100% guarantee that all outstanding freelancer, subcontractor and supplier invoices will be paid in full and within the payment terms set out on the respective invoices.

  • We are still open for business and functioning as a company despite the cancellations and industry-wide slowdown.

    This won’t change.

    Like you all, we have had a large number of cancelations and are working to rebook these for future dates. We also have a number of live projects which we are currently working very hard on the pre-production elements of – whilst it’s too early to estimate when, our intention is to carry on where we left off, in terms of site-based work, as soon as possible.

  • We will not be asking our freelancers or subcontractors to reduce their rates.

The most important thing for the foreseeable future is that we take care of ourselves, our families and those around us.  We are a family run business and you are all an integral part of our company. We sincerely hope we will all be able to weather the storm and be ready for the upturn when it comes. In the mean-time our phones and emails are on, please feel free to say hello and stay in touch.

Stay safe.

Singing Bee 2019

Singing Bee 2019
LD : David Bishop
Console Operator : Oliver Lifely
Gaffer : Mark Newell
Photos : Alan Read
For Manoto TV at Wimbledon Studios