Supporting grassroots sport – Full Production & Littlewick Green Cricket Club

Supporting grassroots sport - Full Production and Littlewick Green Cricket Club

The Full Production team has lent our technical expertise to many incredible events, TV shows, installations and more over the years. What you might not know about us, however, is that we’ve also lent our support to a different cause a bit closer to home: Littlewick Green Cricket Club in Berkshire.

Full Production is a family-run business, and giving back to our local community is important to us. It’s for this reason that we are one of two headline sponsors of the club, investing our money and time into supporting grassroots sport in our area. 

Littlewick Green Cricket Club was founded in 1810, and for more than 200 years has been at the centre of the village of Littlewick Green. It has two adult teams as well as seven children’s teams for kids of different ages. This includes a girl’s team which is now into its second season, after a successful debut in 2021. At the peak of summer the village green at Littlewick can have as many as 100 children playing cricket on it at once – and a few adults enjoying a cider (or two) from the sidelines!

2022 marks Full Production’s second season as one of two headline sponsors, although our involvement with the club goes back longer than that. Managing Director Steve Richardson moved to Littlewick Green in 2014, and made regular attempts at playing cricket for Littlewick Green before breaking his leg in 2020. He plans on making a grand return this season…although his wife and Full Production colleague Jo might have something to say about that. 

Full Production’s work with Littlewick Green Cricket Club underlines the importance we place on investing in young people, and bringing up the next generation. Whilst we don’t expect the Under 17s team to all take on Full Production apprenticeships, we think it’s important to invest in the future.

Bill Green, Chairman of Littlewick Green Cricket Club, commented: “It is fantastic to have Full Production supporting us. We are a village club for local people, playing on the village green and using the village hall as our base. Steve and his family are popular village residents and his personal commitment to the club and understanding of village sentiment, combined with Full Production’s commercial insight and support, has made a huge difference to our success.